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A Resource for Professionals Working with Pregnant Women

Adoption is an important option to consider when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Options offers both information and counseling to help birth parents decide whether adoption is the right choice for them.

Options for Pregnant Women

forprofessionalsservices (1)Adoption has changed a great deal over the years. Adoption Options can help your clients navigate this new landscape in a way that best serves their needs and those of their child. Some points to keep in mind about adoption:

  • Women are encouraged to make decisions about their child’s future, including choosing adoptive parents for their child and the type of adoption they want, among other decisions.
  • Adoptive families are carefully screened and prepared for parenthood. Women can learn about the adoptive family they choose for their child, and meet them if they like.
  • If desired, women can hear about how their baby is doing after adoption through pictures and letters, or in person. We can facilitate open adoption, which allows for contact between the birth mother, her baby, and the adoptive family.
  • Depending on the circumstances, birth fathers can take an active role in adoption planning.

Meeting with an adoption professional is the best way for a woman to become completely informed about adoption planning. This is a free service, and it does not commit your client to adoption planning.

We Can Help You Help Your Clients

Clinician with pregnant womanThe social workers of Adoption Options are trainers for the National Infant Adoption Training Initiative. We are available to provide free on-site training for your staff to help them talk with your clients about this important decision.

We also offer written information that you can share with your clients, including legal facts about adoption, FAQs for birth parents, and a one-page Adoption Information Handout that you can download and give to your clients.