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The Home Study

lesbian couple@2xA home study is a process conducted to assess and prepare families for adoption. The home study includes a home visit by a qualified adoption professional who talks in depth with the family and prepares a written report. At Adoption Options, we conduct home studies for families adopting through our own agency or through other agencies. We welcome traditional, single-parent, and LGBTQ  families to apply for a home study.

Why Do You Need a Home Study?

A home study is required in almost all adoptions, including public agency, private agency, international, and independent adoptions. The home study also helps adoptive parents understand and prepare for the adoption process.

The main purpose of the home study is to ensure that families are prepared to take on the responsibility of parenting through adoption and can provide a safe and nurturing home for a child. A home study assures all involved that that those adopting offer a stable home environment, the emotional and financial resources to raise a child, and the genuine desire to be parents.

The home study is designed to educate about adoption and its impact on all members of the adoptive circle, including adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted children. For adoptive parents, the process can also help sort through the many decisions involved in adopting a child.

What Does a Home Study Involve?

At Adoptions Options, the home study process includes several meetings with a licensed social worker, both at the agency and at the prospective family’s home. It is a time for you to explore adoptive family life, including the continuum of openness in adoption, the experiences of birth parents, issues of race and ethnicity, and any questions. you have about any aspect of adoption.

The home study process also includes gathering autobiographical and background information, letters of reference, employment verification, child abuse and criminal clearances, medical history, income statements, and other relevant information. Once the process is completed, the social worker writes a document incorporating the information gathered into a formal home study.

Why Choose Adoption Options for Your Home Study?

Adoption Options offers a thorough process that will help you both qualify and prepare for this huge change:

  • Our home studies are widely accepted. Because Adoption Options is a licensed adoption agency with highly qualified staff, our home studies are widely recognized and accepted by other agencies. These include private, nonprofit, and state agencies as well as those in other countries. The home study document is valid for one year from the approval date and can be updated annually as needed.
  • We’ll help you feel ready to adopt. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will take the time to work with you to explore your expectations, concerns, and decisions such as the type of adoption and degree of openness you would like to pursue. By the time the home study process is done, you should be feeling well prepared to become adoptive parents.

Download the Home Study Application