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Adoption Costs

Adoption Options is a nonsectarian program of Jewish Collaborative Services. We are open to all who wish to work with us, regardless of race religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation or gender expression. Our agency is a private, non profit family service agency which is licensed to provide adoption services to biological parents, children prior to placement in adoptive homes and pre- and post-adoptive parents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

As a nonprofit agency, Adoption Options is able to offer reasonable fees for adoptive parents. We also believe in being up front about our fees so families don’t face unforeseen costs. Following is a breakdown of services so you can choose only those you need. In addition to paid services, we offer a free consultation session and information meetings to help you decide what direction is best for you.

Introduction to Adoption

Information Meetings – No fee

Information meetings are generally held at our Providence office on the third Thursday of the month from 6-7 pm.  Please call to RSVP.

Adoption information and consultation session – No fee

A one-time adoption information and consultation meeting is offered to couples and individuals interested in learning more about their adoption options.

The Adoption Process

Phase One: The Home Study

Application Fee- $200

This fee is due when the home study application is submitted. The fee covers administrative tasks and is non-refundable.

Home Study for a United States Adoption – $2,300*

To be paid at the time of the first home study meeting. This fee covers collection of all required documents, interviews, home visits, the gathering of collateral information and service planning. Refunds are provided on a pro-rated basis. Home studies are valid for 12 months.

Home Study for an International Adoption – $2,300*

A home study for an international adoption is designed to meet all guidelines and regulations required by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) and by your adoption placement agency, attorney, or country. Refunds are provided on a pro-rated basis. Home studies are valid for 12 months.

Phase Two: Child Placement

Option 1: Child Placement Through Adoption Options

Activation Fee- $2000

This fee applies to prospective adoptive parents who would like to be part of a pool of families waiting for placement through Adoption Options. It is paid at the completion of the home study and includes costs associated with outreach to birth families, coordination with ParentFinder ( the development of a profile both printed and on-line), staff communication, family support and UNLIMITED updates and addendums to the initial home study.

Placement Fee- $25, 000

This fee is paid only if a child is placed through Adoption Options and is not due until the time of placement. This is a comprehensive flat fee that includes all birth parent expenses allowable by law, all services provided at the hospital, birth parent counseling before and after placement and legal fees for both birth and adoptive parents.

Option 2: Child Placement With A Resource Other Than Adoption Options

Interagency Coordination Fee- $1,700

This fee applies to prospective adoptive families that choose to work with a resource other than Adoption Options for the placement of a child. The staff at Adoption Options will coordinate all necessary connections with other professionals and will assist the prospective adoptive family with navigating the next phase of the adoption journey. This fee is paid when the home study completed by Adoption Options along with the other requested supporting documents are sent to the outside placement resource. The interagency coordination fee includes all interagency communication, continued support to the prospective adoptive family, consultations about birth parent matches, communication and documents related to the Interstate Compact for Children (ICPC), and UNLIMITED updates and addendums to the initial home study.

Phase Three: Post Placement Services

Fee Per Visit/Report- $450

Post-Placement Supervision is required after a child is placed with a family. It includes a one hour visit by an Adoption Options social worker and a subsequent written report. If multiple post placement reports are required, the total fee must be paid in full prior to the first visit.

Additional Services

Home Study Update

For clients whose home study needs to be updated due to passage of time or change in life circumstances:

Annual Update of Adoption Options Home Study – $450
(fee is waived when enrolled in a child placement program)

Update for Home Study from Another Agency – $1,200

Update for Subsequent Adoption – $1,200

Identified Adoption – $18,000

This fee is for services received when birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) have previously agreed to an adoption plan to be facilitated by Adoption Options. A breakdown of these fees in available upon request.

* NOTE: Home study and post-placement supervision fees include up to 50 miles of travel from the nearest Adoption Options office. An additional fee will be assessed for travel outside the 50-mile radius.