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Adoption Costs

As a nonprofit agency, Adoption Options is able to offer affordable prices for adoptive parents. We also believe in being up front about our fees, so families don’t face unforeseen costs. Following is a breakdown of services, so you can choose only those you need. In addition to paid services, we offer a free consultation session and information meetings to help you decide what course is best for you.

Information Meetings – No fee

Free meetings for those interesting in exploring adoption are generally held once a month. Learn more about our information meetings.

Adoption information and consultation session – No fee

A one-time adoption information and consultation service is offered at no cost to couples and individuals interested in learning more about their adoption options.

Home Study for a United States Adoption – $2,200*

Adoption Options can conduct a home study for a private or identified adoption from anywhere in the United States. The first $50 is due with the home study application. The balance is due at the time of the first home study meeting.

Home Study for an International Adoption – $2,200*

A home study for an international adoption is designed to meet all guidelines and regulations required by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) and by your adoption placement agency, attorney, or country. The first $50 is due with the home study application. The balance is due at the time of the first home study meeting.

Home Study Update – $350–1,100*

This service is for clients whose home study needs to be updated due to passage of time or a change in life circumstances. Home studies can be updated within a three-year period.

  • Annual Update of Adoption Options Home Study – $350
  • Update for Subsequent Adoption – $1,100
  • Update for Home Study from Another Agency – $1,100
  • Home Study Addendum – $350

The first $50 of each of the above fees is due with the home study application.

Post-Placement Supervision – $350* per session

Post-placement supervision includes a one-hour visit and required documentation.

Adoption Options Placement – $20,000

For children adopted through Adoption Options, the entire fee is due at the time of placement.

Identified Adoption – $18,000

An identified adoption is when the birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) have previously agreed to an adoption plan to be facilitated by Adoption Options.

* NOTE: Home study and post-placement supervision fees include up to 50 miles of travel from the nearest Adoption Options office. An additional fee will be assessed for travel outside the 50-mile radius.